Steak and Onion Pie


500g Stewing Steak or braising steak
1 onion – finely sliced
1 oxo cube
Little cornflour to thicken.

Chop the steak into cubes removing all far and grizzle.  Add the onions and about 1pint of water.  Add the oxo and braise in the oven at gas mark 2/3 for about 4/5 hours.   Check that all the water does not disappear. Does not need to be too liquidy.   When cooked add the cornflour which has been mixed with a little water to the meat and stir well.  This should thicken nicely.

8oz Shortcrust pastry

(8oz SR flour,  4oz Lard/Margaring mixed and a little water to make into a dough)

Put the flour and fats into a large bowl and rub until forming breadcrumbs.  Add a little water at a time until the mixture forms a pliable pastry dough.

Cut into two.  Roll one half and line the base of a large plate.

Pour on the filling.

Roll the second half and put over the meat filling.

Crimp the edges and bake gas mark 6/7 for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Serve with new potatoes and seasonal vegetables 🙂

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