My Weekend Make ….. Strawberry Icream

This happened by complete accident when I was trying to make a filling for a cake.  Due to adding icing sugar rather than sugar the cream would not thicken when beat so I froze it and made ice cream, and the best you can ever taste.  Have a go it is so simple.

a 300ml tub of extra thick double cream
about 12 good strawberries less their green leaves (leave whole)
2 tablespoons of sugar

Into a bowl put the strawberries, followed by the icing sugar and then pour or spoon the cream over the top.   This will prevent the icing sugar from going everywhere when you start to whisk.

With an electric hand whisk, whisk all the ingredients together.  The strawberries will gradually disappear but nice to leave a few chunky bits.   Whish for about 5 minutes.   The mixture should still be quite runny.  

Into an old icre cream tub or some plastic tubs pour the mixture.

After 1/2 hour give a good stir.    Repeat this several time whilst it is freezing as it stops ice crystals forming and makes a smoother ice cream,

Leave to freeze fully, over night is good and the serve with fresh strawberries or in a cone.

Enjoy x x

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