My Weekend Bake …. Bacon and Tomato Croissants (Cheats version LOL)

Serves one

Premade Croissant (I use Tesco finest all butter croissants as are really yum)
Two rashers of bacon (you choice but I used smoked middle bacon)
One small tomato
Drizzle of olive oil

Place your bacon into a frying pan with the drizzle of oil.     You can dry fry if you wish.

After you have cooked one side fo your bacon turn over and add the sliced tomatoes to your pan.

Cut the croissant in half and lightly toast.

When the bacon is cooked to your liking then place onto the croissant along with the lightly cooked tomato slices.      Enjoy

You can serve with any condiments but it really does not need sauce as the tomatoes make it moist enough.

This was served hot but you can also cook your bacon before hand and not cook the tomatoes. You can serve on the croissant with some lettuce, mayonnaise, the bacon and sliced tomatoes and have a BLT Croissant.   This is also really nice.    

Happy cooking

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