My Homemade Bakewell Tart

Homemade Bakewell Tart

For Pastry
8 oz SR Flour
4 oz Lard or mixed 2oz Lard/ 2oz Butter

Put the flour and lard into a bowl and rub until bread crumb like.
Add water and make into a soft dough.   Roll out and line the dish you are using.  Keep some of the remnants to make shapes for the top of your bakewell.

For the filling
Jam of your choice …  I used raspberry

Put a good two dessertspoons onto the pastry and smooth out so the pastry base is covered.  Add more jam if you like it.

For the topping.

6 oz Butter or Margarine
6 oz Sugar
5oz SR Flour
2oz Ground Almonds
3 eggs
Almond Essence.

Put Butter and sugar into a bowl and cream together.  Add an egg and a little flour to stop the mixture from separating.  Repeat with the other two eggs.  Add a teaspoon of almond essence.  Fold in the remaining flour.    Spoon onto the jam filling making sure it is all covered.

Roll out the remaining pastry into a sausage shape and cut into small circles.  Pinch so they look like almonds and put onto the top of the bakewell.

Cook Gas Mark 4 for about 30 minutes.   Check that the cake is cooked by inserting a knife and it comes out clean.    Serve warm with cream or custard, or serve cold.    Enjoy

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