Lindtt Lindor Chocolate Orange Shortbread

Sometimes I have days where I look through the cupboard and see what I can use to make a recipe different.  Today what I found was a bar of Lindor Orange Milk Chocolate.  So I thought I would give it a go.  Personally, I think the result was truly amazing.  Hope you enjoy my recipe.


7oz / 198g Plain Flour

2oz / 56g Cornflour

60z / 170g  Butter

30z / 85g Caster Sugar

2oz / 56g white chocolate chips

Small Finger Bar of Lindtt Lindor Milk Chocolate Orange Bar (Cut up)


Set your oven to Gas Mark 5. Electric 130.

You can make this by hand but I used my food processor.  Into the Bowl add the flour and cornflour and whizz until mixed.   Add in all other ingredients and mix until it makes a pliable dough.

If making by hand put in the flours, sugar and butter and rub until starting to bind together add the Lindor chocolate and chocolate chips .  Continue until it make a firm dough.

On a floured board form the dough into a roll then pat to make it square.   Cut into 1/2 inch deep squares.  Place onto a greased tray and cook for about 10/15 minutes in the oven.   You can make more chocolaty but pushing a half square of Lindor into the cut square dough before baking.

You can serve warm or leave to cool for a crispier outer.    Enjoy


You can even make these using just the Milk Chocolate bar made by Lindor.


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