Baked Raspberry and Lemon Cheesecake

You will need an 8 or 9 inch springloaded cake tin (mine is quite deep)

Heat oven to Gas Mark 3/4

Base :-
200g of Dijestive Biscuits ot Ginger if you prefer  (made into crumbs)
75g butter.

Into a pan put the butter and melt.  Leave to cool for a few minutes and then add the biscuit crumb. Stir well

Place into the Cake tin and press down.  Leave to cool or place in the fridge until you need the base.

For the Cheesecake :-
600g Soft Cheese  (I used Ricotta as is lemony anyway)
250g Caster sugar
150 g Natural Yoghurt
3 eggs – beaten
50g plain flour
Juice of one lemon and the zest (I will leave out the zest next time I make this)
300g raspberries  – 200g for filling and 100g for decoration

Into a mixer or bowl place the soft cheese, caster sugar and yoghurt.   Beat well.  Add the eggs and flour gradually.  Beat well.   Add in the 200g of raspberries, the lemon juice and if you wish the zest.

Stir well and put into the cake tin on top of the crumb base.

Place into the oven with the cake tin on a tray for about 45-60 minutes.   Turn the oven off and leave in there for another hour or so.

Take out and leave to cool then place in the fridge until thoroughly chilled.  Overnight if possible but my family could not wait so was in the fridge for about 5 hours.

Take out and shake icing sugar over the top and finish off with the leftover  raspberries.  If you have some, mint leaves will adorn this well

Serve with cream or ice cream.


Happy eating


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