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Poachers Pasties

This recipe is one I have made for years and is full of taste.  Great to serve with steamed fresh vegetables giving a healthy, filling but easy to prepare meal.    You can change the meat you use or the vegetables inside according to your tastes so gives a huge…

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Spiced Fresh Cream Apple Scones

Ingredients  8oz Self Raising flour 2oz Butter 2oz Brown Sugar  2 teaspoons Baking Powder 1 apple – peeled and either finely diced or grated (I used a Bramleys cooking apple but for a sweeter taste Pink Lady or Gala are nice)  1 egg – beaten  Milk – 150ml would be…

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Spring – Ravensburger Review

I have two favourite seasons.   Autumn, due to the cacophony of beautiful colours and Spring, the season of new birth.      Following the cold months of Winter, Spring brings colour back into the world, with sunnier days, lighter nights and stunning flowers such as hyacinth, daffodils and crocus.  Watching…

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