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VICTORIA SANDWICH 8oz butter and margarine 8oz Caster sugar 4 medium eggs Several drops of vanilla essence 8oz Self raising Flour Filling – Jam of Choice Buttecream (I bought Betty Crokers) but you can make your own Heat oven on Gas Mark 4. In a large bowl cream together the…

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Yesterday ……. Had a nice day.  I pottered around the house. Did three loads of washing and dried on the line. Nearly finished stitching my Summer Exchange piece from Needlecraft Haven. Made a superb cake and had Kylan, Hannah and Andrew visit which was lovely. Think I may start either…

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Recipe for the weekend

Recipe for the weekend POACHERS ROLL Ingredients Packet of puff pastry Minced meat – (I use steak mince but you can use lamb, pork or chicken) 1 finely chopped onion I grated carrot 2 sliced tomatoes (salad size) or several small piccolo tomatoes (cut into quarters) Seasoning Oxo cube (to…

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