Lights by Tena - Event  - Sunday 19th September 2016  

Last Thursday my Daughter Hannah (Anewaddition) announced that she was taking me out for an afternoon event at The Champneys Spa Resort near Ashby De La Zouch.    It sounded fun and she also said that it was linked to a Press Event to be held by Lights by Tena.   A team building and social event with a spa treatment.   An interesting day ahead.

I turned it around by saying I would drive so that she could have a chill out afternoon.

This is how, on a Sunday afternoon, we set out on our way to Champneys.  An approximate drive of 38 miles.    This turned out to be interesting as "No-one told me !"..... that Gallows lane is split into two with the second half, to the left and further down the road.    We arrived quite early and entered Champneys.   Beautiful place , so calm and relaxing

After introductions from Hannah and her colleagues, and introductions to each other, we were offered a glass of champagne (I had water as was driving) and some really yummy sandwiches , some of which were mini smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels,  coronation chicken,  and tuna, red onion and olives.   The food was exquisite.  

Once we had finished our food, the presentation began.  It was regarding the press release by Tena of their new light products, with the catch phrase "C'est La Vie to those Ooooooops moments" (TM) 

This is a newly upgraded range to the already available Tena products.   These new products are amazingly thin but more absorbent than any other product that Tena have had before. These are especially designed for those Ooops moments and are made to be worn on a daily basis. They are 5 times drier than regular liners and absorb 2 times quicker than a normal towel.  This means that you can be fresh and dry all day long.

The range has the trade marked "FeelFresh Technology" which comprises of a quicky drying top sheet and innovative fluid distribution layers to effortlessly control moisure and odour.   

The subject of 'accidents' or 'ooops moments'  is always taboo and therefore not really spoken about. I am sure this product with bring it out into the open and be something that people may raise as an issue with the recommendation given of this product.   It can be used by all ages and there is also a range for men too. Again another taboo subject being brought into the open.  

Light bladder weakness is common, can happen when you sneeze, when you are pregnant, in lots of situations.  Lights by Tena is the ideal product for this sort of occassion and takes away the worry of those 'little leak' times. 

This is the exciting new range - Lights by Tena. 

Following the excellent presentation, which was full of really interesting facts, some of which are mentioned above, we were asked to follow the lady looking after us for the afternoon, to the gym for a set of circui training.  

Off we went and no sooner had we got into the reception area, I found myself virtually face planting
the rather posh carpet in the area.   "Noone told me!" ......  that there were three steps down and not two as I had thought.   After picking myself up and calming myself off we went to the gym, with one rather sore knee.     The participants all worked really hard.

Middle person is my daughter working hard. 

Everyone working hard.  

It was a really hard workout.    The next photo is me 

"Noone told me!" that when you fall down a set of stairs your knee would be so sore. The bruise is now coming out. 

Following the circuit training, due to the weather being beautiful, the yoga class was taken outside.    We walked the short distance to where it was.  I sat on the bench due to my knee still hurting, but it was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves.   Here are a few photos  of various moves (by my daughter).

Following the end of the Yoga, half of the participants went for a Spa Treatment and the other half went back to the room for Refreshments which consisted of Tea, Coffee and a variety of cakes.  I was in the second group, so enjoyed a berry tea and come cake.

I was called for my spa treament which was called 'Head in the Clouds.'   "Noone told me!" that the treatment would relax me so much.   I felt totally chilled when I came out.   So much so that even taking wrong turns on the way home did not worry me.

You may have noticed that throught this blog piece, I have use the phrase "Noone told me!" several times.   This has been created by Tena as a competition.  They would like to hear your #noonetoldme moments and in return there is the chance to win some fabulous prizes.from shopping vouchers to a city break.   If you have a #noonetoldmemoment you wish to share you can do so by visiting

I would like to say a huge thank you to Hannah and her collegues for a fantastic afternoon, for introducing me to a brilliant product and for allowing me to make some new friends.

Home Made Apple Scone

250g Plain Flour
50g Caster Sugar
50g Butter
2 teaspoon baking powder
1 Apple peeled, cored then grated
125ml of milk


Milk to brush
1/2 teaspons cinnamon
teaspoon of sugar

Preheat over to Gas Mark 5/6 

Into a bowl place the flour, butter, sugar and baking powder. 
Rub in the butter until it makes small breadcrumbs
add the grated apple and stir well
stir in the milk until the mixture forms a soft dough.

onto a baking tray put the dough and form into a round
score on the top so the round is divided into 6 pieces. do not cut through just score.

Brush over the top with milk and sprinkle on the sugar and cinnamon

bake in an over for 15 - 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Can be served hot with whipped cream or eaten cold as a cream scone :)

Enjoy x x 

Lemon and Lime Chocolate Muffins

Heat an oven to Gas Mark 6/200C/180C Fan

I made 18 muffins with this mixture so line 2 tins with Muffin Cases.

I also prepared and weighed everything before I started to mix as this helps. 

Ingredients and Recipe 

125ml Vegetable oil
2 Medium Eggs
250ml of Skimmed Milk

Put this into a bowl and mix thoroughly

200g Caster Suger (You can use white or Golden)
400g Self Raising Flour
1 teaspoon salt
Grated Rind and Juice from a Lemon

Add this to the mixture and stir until thoroughly mixed

Bar of Green Lime Infused Chocolate (Cut into chunks or can be grated)

Add to the muffin mix and stir well.

Spoon the lemon and lime chocolate mixture into muffin cases.  I filled mine to about 3/4 full.  

 Cook in the oven for about 20 - 25 minutes, or until golden on the top and a knife comes out clean.  

Enjoy and Happy Cooking

Very Berry and White Chocolate Muffins

Heat an oven to Gas Mark 6/200C/180C Fan

I made 18 muffins with this mixture so line 2 tins with Muffin Cases.

I also prepared and weighed everything before I started to mix as this helps. 

Ingredients and Recipe 

125ml Vegetable oil
2 Medium Eggs
250ml of Skimmed Milk
Teaspoon Vanilla Essence

Put this into a bowl and mix thoroughly

200g Caster Suger (You can use white or Golden)
400g Self Raising Flour
1 teaspoon salt

Add this to the mixture and stir until thoroughly mixed

Box of Mixed Berries (I bought mine from Tesco) - chop strawberries and raspberries
Bar of White Chocolate (I used Lindt but any will do) - Chopped into chunks or grated. 

Add to the muffin mix and stir well.

Spoon the berry and chocolate mixture into muffin cases.  I filled mine to about 3/4 full.  

 Cook in the oven for about 20 - 25 minutes, or until golden on the top and a knife comes out clean.  

Enjoy and Happy Cooking

A different way to display your Cross Stitch  =  No Sew Cube

 You will require   :  Piece of floristy oasis  (You can buy round if your design is round)    Your stitched piece (any design)   Piece of backing fabric    Some small pins (I used sequin pins)   Some bead headed pins    4 large beads and some ribbon

Lay your stitched piece onto a fluffy towel with the design closest to the towel.  (Upside down)

 Iron gently.

 Repeat with your backing fabric

 Again iron gently

 Check that both pieces are crease free

 Taking your stitched piece, lay on top of the oasis and mark about 5 rows after the design onto the oasis.

 On a board cut your oasis to the chosen size.

 Start to pin your design in place.
Do the top and the bottom first   You may need several pins.

Fold and pin the sides.   Do not worry if it looks untidy.

Repeat with the backing fabric.

Again do not worry if the edges look messy

Take the ribbon and starting at the bottom pin just at the bottom

Pull the ribbon tightly as you go around and then you will not need any more pins than the ones at the bottom.

In securely.

Turn right way up .

Create a bow on the top

Take the 4 bead headed pins and the large beads.

Thread the beads onto the large pins

Place one at each corner of the base of your No Sew Cube.  These form the feet.

Turn over and Voila   -  Your No Sew Cube.

Hope you enjoy making yours.

A 'Hotter' evening ........

Wednesday 10th May had an evening that I thoroughly enjoyed.   My first real blogging event.

It was to take place at Hotter Shoes situated in Bridge Street, Stratford on Avon.

My daughter, Hannah,  arrived at 5.30pm to pick me up and then we travelled to pick up her friend Carly.   A real girlie evening out.

We had a pleasant journey to Stratford and Hannah parked the car in the Marina Car Park.   The scenery was beautiful as is Stratford Upon Avon.

This was some of the boats moored near where we parked :)

We followed the satnav on our phones to the Hotter shop, getting lost in the windy narrow streets until we finally arrived at the shop.

The Hotter shop is situated at 10 Bridge Street, Stratford Upon Avon.  This is the front of the shop. 

We were welcomed inside and greeted in a friendly way.  Our coasts were taken and we were offered a drink, choice of water, orange juice, wine and some beautiful food.   The cheese roll was amazing and the mini muffins went down well too. 

We were then seated and a presentation about Hotter shoes began.  

The company were formed in 1959 and have now been designing and making shoes for over 50 years.   The shoes are all made in the UK to a really high quality.   Hotter are extremely passionate about the styles, the comfort and everything about their shoes.    In Lancashire, Hotter won one of the most advanced shoe making production lines in the world.  They make more shoes, per year, than any other manufacturer in the UK.

Hotter have a comfort Mission.   They state
"The beauty of Hotter shoes is that no matter how good they look , no matter how rich the colour and beautiful their style, the ultimate reason people fall in love with our shoes is the comfort they feel when they put them on."  

We were shown how the shoes were made and how the special foams were used to create the comfort in the shoes.   We were also told to expect a 'Hotter' moment when you first try on a pair.

The above shows the comfort padded sole.  

Following the presentation we were allowed to look around the store and to choose a pair of shoes which would be our gift.    I had instantly fallen in love with one pair of shoes, but took a good look around the store.   However I returned to the original pair I had chosen.   The customer service lady took the shoes and returned a few moments later with my pair to try on.

I was really excited when these little beauties were in my hands and about to be put on my feet.

After putting on a pair of pop socks, the shoes were slipped onto my feet and i had my 'Hotter' moment.   I have never put on a pair of shoes before and felt such comfort.  They were amazing.  I suffer with painful feet as I stand on them most the day.

These felt like I was walking on air.   And they are so pretty.   The shoes are made so that there is a miggle toe adaption.  This means that at all times your toes have free movement and it therefore takes out a lot of stress on the feet and the 'cramped' feeling you sometimes get.

Having a velcroed band over the top of the shoe to keep on your feet, also allows for alteration should your feet swell when standing a lot.   Again another comfort issue.

I have worn my shoes at work all day and have never been so comfortable.  I did not even know that I had shoes on as they are so light and really do make your feet feel free.

This is a few of the wide variety of shoes and styles available.   Hotter have lots of colours and keep in with the current trends.  They also do handbags that match some of the shoes and these are beautiful too.      We, of course, had to icnlude the 'Hotter' Bus.

The shoes are not cheap, but how precious are your feet.  They are well worth every penny with the comfort they provide.  You cannot fault them at all.

As well as have shops local to me in Stratford on Avon and Solihull, Hotter also sell online. So if you cant buy from a shop local to you, you can shop via the internet.

I have already decided that all my old shoes will now be being replaced with varying 'Hotter' styles.

Finally I need to say a huge Thank you to Hotter for the lovely evening we all had and a special Thank You to my daughter for taking me on my First Blogging Event.   Watch this space for more blogs to come.

You can find these shoes at

I hope that you will have a look and buy yourself a special treat for your feet.
Life has .......

thrown a spanner in the works somewhat this year.   2016 has not been a good year so far.    January was a month where I was not well and it took weeks to get over coughs, colds and eventually no voice.  I  got there in February but have yet again got another cough :(

February was another month where people were not well and a month of sorting out issues at home and within the family.

March was a month where my dad revealed that he was in extreme pain which meant that he had been quite depressed for weeks.  It has been found out that he had a severe hernia and is now waiting for an operation for the same.

However the worst whallop our family received was the death of my younger brother on April 5th.   Set for an important meeting at work, he rose from his chair at his desk, picked up his papers and was hit with one massive heart attack.  He felt nothing, but we however have been left reeling from his loss.  My parents are distraught.  I am still in a state of disbelief.  He was 46, had a beautiful family fantastic job and everything to live for.   His funeral was one of the most amazing events I have ever been proud to take part in.   Over 400 people at the church.     My card on his wreath meant a lot to me.  I said.  Andrew, although you have left us extremely heartbroken, you have however left us with the most beautiful memories that we will have forever.   I will miss my brother and now realise that although I was the older child, I now have a lot more responsibilities to deal with.

April has begun on a bit more of a positive note with my husband having his cataract operation and 24 hours after realising that his eyesight is so much better .

I promise I will come back to my regular blogging but needed to let you all know how this year has gone so far.

Love you each one of you:

 RIP Andrew Holt
May 1969 - April 2016 
May you sleep in peace
Miss you loads  Our lives will forever hold a vacant place. 

Where does time fly to?

Having not been well time seems to have flown in 2016.  Glad to say I am well on the mend so back to my creative ways both in cooking and crafts.  These are a couple of things I have done recently

This was a piece by Lorri Birmingham which I have been trying for ages to finish.  I love the finished results.  The nager was made by my husband and compliments the piece well.   Amazing what you can do with dowling and small door handles :)

This was a small scissor case I made.  I really enjoyed doing this.

Hopefully I will be updating with products I have baked  :)